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Visit to Mr Finch 'The Wish Post' Exhibition

By Deborah Richardson, Jul 23 2018 02:46PM

On Saturday 21st of July I had the privilege of visiting the Mr Finch exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I've admired his work since coming across it on Pinterest and was very keen to see some of the amazingly intricate detail in the flesh. These are just a few of the images I took of the dozens of fantastical, fabulous creations on display. The talent of this man is staggering, and the breacth of his imagination boundless. It was emotional for me to see this incredible work first hand. Every single piece sold out shortly after the exhibition opened, and many visitors had come specifically to see this work, as had I. The 3 hour journey and the crummy campsite we stayed at were well worth it!

Jul 24 2018 09:17AM by Judi Atwood

Thank you for sharing I enjoyed reading about your adventure and had no idea this even existed. Great images.

Judi Atwood

Jul 24 2018 09:15PM by Hazel Vicary

I have been a fan of Mr Finch for several years now - his work is wonderful and so original. I envy your visit to the exhibition - you lucky lady....

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